Travel Gadgets: Essential Tech for Every Trip

By Kate

Planning a trip, are we? Deciding what travel gadgets to take can be quite a pickle. We’ve all been caught up in the endless cyber labyrinth of browsing and reading reviews, getting swamped by the sheer volume of tech choices on offer.

The truth is that 72% of travellers admit that possessing the right set of gadgets can make their journeys smoother and significantly more enjoyable. Our comprehensive guide seeks to clear this muddle for you, outlining indispensable travel tech tailored for any type of journey you may have in mind.

So without further ado, let’s plunge into it together – your ultimate packing list awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Travel gadgets keep you safe and happy on your trips.
  • Take a laptop or tablet to stay connectedA good eReader adds fun during long travels.
  • Always pack an adapter, smartwatch and Wi – Fi hotspot.
  • Cameras capture great trip momentsTech pouches help to store tech items neatly.
  • Portable projectors, laptop stands and monitors are key for work trips.
  • Portable chargers keep devices powered up all day long while luggage trackers ensure bags don’t get lost.
  • Don’t forget about the big part of smart water bottles in staying hydrated on journeys!

Essential Gadgets for Every Trip

Essential Gadgets for Every Trip

Every trip needs some essential gadgets, such as a laptop or tablet for entertainment and work. An e-reader is perfect for those who love to read during travel. Don’t forget an adapter to charge your devices anywhere in the world.

A smartwatch keeps you updated on your health while travelling. A Wi-Fi hotspot ensures that you’re always connected; vital when navigating unfamiliar territories! Cameras are key to capturing beautiful memories of your adventures.

A tech pouch keeps all your gear organised and easily accessible, while headphones let you enjoy music or podcasts en-route without disturbing others. Add a portable speaker for impromptu parties at beach resorts or camping sites! For business trips or longer stays, consider carrying a portable projector, laptop backpack, and monitor stand along with a keyboard and mouse for optimal productivity on-the-go.

Keep electronics charged with portable power banks too. Track suitcases effortlessly using luggage trackers, stay safe in unknown locations with emergency alarms and keep yourself hydrated using smart water bottles – truly essentials every globetrot.

Laptop/ Tablet

We can’t leave home without our laptop or tablet. These essential gadgets keep us connected on every trip. A tablet is great if we want a bigger screen but not the weight of a laptop.

Laptops, though, have their own perks. They are strong and let us do more tasks while travelling. All in all, these portable devices make our travel smooth and easy. They help us with tasks like booking hotels or checking maps online! So don’t forget to pack your laptop or tablet – it’s an important part of tech for trips!


We love the eReader on our trips. This small device lets us read as much as we want without weighing down our bags. It holds hundreds of books at a time! Now, we have all our favourite stories with us wherever we go.

No more choosing between that new best-seller and an old classic.

Long flights or train rides are no longer boring with an eReader in hand. We dive into an exciting tale or get lost in a gripping mystery novel easily. The most fun part is that every traveler can pick what they like to read from a wide range of books available in it.

Indeed, the eReader makes travel more enjoyable and less tiring for everyone.


An adapter is a must-have on any trip. It lets us use our tech gadgets anywhere in the world. Some places have different plug shapes and voltages. Without an adapter, we could not charge our laptops or phones! An excellent choice for travel is a universal adapter.

This can fit all kinds of sockets across the globe. So, we never have to worry about finding the right one for each country. We just pack it in our luggage and go!


A smartwatch is a must-have for every trip. It keeps us connected without the need to pull out our phone all the time. We get notifications and can look at travel plans like flight tickets.

The Apple watch is good, but we also like the Garmin Venu 2. Having a smartwatch gives us easy access to many things while on the go.

Wi-Fi hotspot

We know how much you need to stay in touch during your trips. That’s why we suggest getting a Wi-Fi hotspot for your next adventure. These small devices, like the GlocalMe G4 Pro 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot or the Solis Wi-Fi hotspot, are gems for travellers.

They let you connect to the internet in over 120 countries. You can use them by linking to a mobile app and buying data. Now, wherever we go around the globe, staying connected is no longer an issue!

Camera (SLR, point-and-shoot, instant)

Let’s talk about cameras. We have three types here: SLR, point-and-shoot, and instant. SLR or digital SLR cameras give high-quality photos but can be heavy to carry. A lighter option is a point-and-shoot camera.

A top pick for this type is a compact model that fits easily in your pants pocket or bag. An affordable choice you might like is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 for instant photography fans out there! These all come with budget options too that we’ll cover later on in this blog post—talk about win-win!

Tech pouch

A tech pouch is a must-have for every trip. It keeps all our electronic accessories in one place. Cords, chargers and other small items can get lost in our bags. But with a tech pouch, we know where everything is.

It makes things tidy and easy to find. One great choice is the Bellroy Tech Kit. You can buy it on Amazon. A good tech pouch will give us comfort and keep us safe as we travel around the world.


We love taking headphones on our trips. They are light, simple to carry and a great tool for any global explorer. With them, you can enjoy your favourite tunes while on a long flight or bus ride.

Better yet, go for noise-canceling headphones. They block out the loud engine sounds or noisy passengers around you. This way, you get to have your own small quiet world even in crowded spaces.

Headphones don’t just offer sound quality but also act as our travel aid when navigating new places. Connect them with your device’s GPS and never lose your path! Plus, Bluetooth wireless ones give us the freedom of movement without fussing over tangled cords.

Portable speaker

Portable speakers are a top pick for any trip. They let us enjoy our favourite tunes wherever we go. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit all needs. Some brands, like the Sonos Roam or Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, make travel-friendly designs.

These compact speakers can fit easily into your bag. The JBL Clip 4 stands out as a must-have gadget for its handy design and great sound quality. It even has a clip so you can hang it on your backpack or belt loop as you explore new places! But it’s not just about music – portable speakerphones help us stay connected too.

So don’t forget this cool tech piece on your next adventure!

Portable projector

Let’s talk about the travel projector. The Yaber Pico T1 mini projector is perfect for travels. It’s as thin as 0.52″, so it fits in any bag easily. You can use this compact projector on a long flight or at your camp site to watch movies.

This lightweight projector works great with laptops. Its design suits on-the-go adventurers and people who love to relax during trips. So, we can enjoy our favourite shows wherever we go! This little gadget takes fun up a notch, don’t you agree?.

Laptop backpack

We can’t go on a trip without our trusty laptop backpack. It keeps our tech gear safe and sound. We love the Tumi Alpha 3 Business Backpack for its many pockets. Our laptops fit nicely in it, with room to spare for other essentials like headphones and chargers.

A good laptop backpack makes travel fun and easy!

Portable charger

We always take a portable charger on our trips. This small, light gadget is a lifesaver. It keeps our phones and tech working all day. Some chargers are thin like the Clutch Charger V2.

Others are small and round, like the iWalk Small Portable Charger. For families or friends travelling together, we suggest a multiport USB charger. Everyone can plug in at once! A portable charger has become an essential travel item for us and many others around the world.

Portable monitor

A portable monitor is a must-have for any trip. It’s like having a mobile TV screen! We can use it to get more work done on the go. It’s much easier when we have this large display to see our work.

They are just right for times on planes without TVs or during long waits. Portable monitors come in many sizes, even as big as 24 inches! This tech gear boosts our work and keeps us busy during those travel hours.

Laptop stand

We all know how tough it is to work on a laptop during travel. That’s where using a laptop stand like the Roost V3 Laptop Stand can make all the difference. It lifts your screen up to eye level and makes typing much easier.

You don’t have to hunch over anymore, which helps keep your neck and shoulders from hurting.

This laptop stand is light but strong. You can fold it down flat so it fits easily in your bag. Plus, you can use it with many different types of laptops, not just one kind. Trust us, once you start using this handy tool, you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without it!

Portable keyboard and mouse

We always take a portable keyboard and mouse on our trips. They are small, light, and fit easy in bags. The Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard is good for this. It rolls up to save space in your bag.

For people who work a lot while traveling, the Logitech MX Keys Mini is great too. This wireless keyboard helps stop hand pain from typing too much like carpal tunnel. Having these tools makes working during long flights or travel times really easy!

Luggage tracker

We often worry about losing our luggage while travelling. A luggage tracker can stop this worry. One of the best is the Apple AirTag. It uses other Apple devices to find lost bags.

This makes it great for iPhone users. Using a luggage tracker, we can locate any bag fast and easy. This makes travel fun and free from stress by taking care of our stuff.

Emergency alarm

We can’t overstate the value of an emergency alarm on a trip. It’s key for every explorer out there! This small but mighty tool packs in safety and peace of mind. Picture this: you’re on a solo adventure, exploring new sights.

With a portable safety gadget like an emergency alarm, help is just one click away. Many top picks have GPS tracking too! The best bit? These alarms pair with smartphones or wearable tech easily.

It means getting help in tight spots takes less time than ever before. So, pop it into your travel bag next time and roam worry-free!

Smart water bottle

We know how much water we need to drink. But staying hydrated on a trip can be tough. That’s where the smart water bottle helps. This essential gadget is a must for every trip.

A smart water bottle tracks your drinking habits. It reminds you when it’s time for a drink, helping you stay hydrated all day long. Handy, right?.

You might like the HidrateSpark brand or choose the PureVis™ Bottle with its neat self-cleaning option!

Tips for Choosing Travel Tech Essentials

Tips for Choosing Travel Tech Essentials

Before going on your journey, ponder about the destination and planned activities. We must think of our organisational needs – is there a lot of gear to keep track of? Always have a budget in mind, as travel gadgets can range from quite cheap to costly.

Remember, planning ahead and knowing what you need will make for smoother travels.

Consider your destination and itinerary

We always say, consider where you’re going and what you’ll do there. A beach holiday calls for different gear than a city break. If you plan to chill on the sand all day, maybe a tech pouch will keep your electronics safe.

Headed for the hills? Your hiking backpack may need room for a laptop stand or portable charger. Keen on night shots of Tokyo’s neon lights? Don’t forget your camera! Planning helps pick the best travel gadgets, making each trip great!

Think about organizational needs

Getting your tech gear in order is key. We all know how messy and tangled wires can get. It’s hard to find the right charger when you need it. We suggest using a tech pouch or kit.

It keeps things tidy and easy to find. These tools have spaces for everything, like your laptop, tablet, eReader, and headphones. They also hold those important chargers and adapters safe too! Travel experts love these pouches because they are so handy.

They let us travel with many gadgets without the mess! So next time you pack up for a trip, don’t forget about keeping your devices neat and organised.

Set a budget

We must set a budget before buying travel tech. This helps us pick what we truly need and keeps us from wasting money. Planning the funds can make our trip better.

Think about how much you should spend on each item. Prioritizing expenses is very important. Work out how much cash you will need for other things like meals or hotel stays! A well-planned budget lets us enjoy our trip without worrying about money.

Travel Gadgets Under $50

Discover a curated list of practical and pocket-friendly travel gadgets under $50 that can transform your journey from ordinary to extraordinary. Uncover these affordable essentials, making tech shopping for your trip not just easy but also budget-friendly! So why wait? Let’s delve into the thrifty world of travel gadgets that won’t break the bank.

G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector

We all need to stay safe and secure while on the go. The G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector helps with this. This small, handy tool finds hidden cameras and other spying devices. It works great for finding pinhole camerasGPS locators and even wireless audio bugs.

You can take it anywhere since it fits in a pocket or bag. Best of all, it does not cost too much money! So if you are worried about your privacy when you travel, grab this gadget today!

AirFly Pro

The AirFly Pro is a must-have for our trips. This small gadget lets us use wireless headphones with devices that only have a headphone jack. We can enjoy inflight entertainment systems without annoying wires.

It’s one of the top travel gadgets under $50. The battery life is great, too! It lasts for over 20 hours of use. There’s also a Deluxe edition made just for international travel. All we need comes in one small package.

Many frequent travellers say it’s the perfect travel gift!

Universal Travel Adapter

universal travel adapter is a small yet mighty gadget that’s more than just handy. It’s a necessity for worldwide travellers. This all-in-one device lets you plug in and power up your tech, no matter where the adventure takes you.

The beauty of this compact tool lies in its versatility. With a universal power adapter, every country’s power outlets become usable. Brands like Epicka or Ceptics are popular choices due to their reliable build and easy use, easily found on Amazon too! Making sure we’re never caught short without charge, it keeps us connected with dual voltage technology while its USB feature powers our phones and tablets fast.

Trust us, once you’ve tried using one of these portable travel adapters during your trips abroad, it becomes an essential part of your tech stash.

Tech Kit

A tech kit is a handy tool for every global explorer. It fits right into your bag and carries all your essential travel gadgets. You can pack things like cords, chargers or earphones without getting them tangled in the mix of other items.

The best part? A good tech kit costs less than $50! No more searching for lost earbuds at the bottom of your bag or untangling charger cables on long flights. Now that’s what we call practical and budget-friendly! So next time you’re prepping for a trip, don’t forget to add a tech kit to your must-have list.

Tile Mate Essentials

Tile Mate Essentials is a must-have travel gadget for all of us. We can use it to keep track of our stuff. It is a smart device that helps find things like luggage, passports and more.

Many travellers love it because it’s under $50! Android users pick Tile Mate often. Its network covers 35 million users globally. So, losing things on trips will be less scary with this affordable tech gift in your backpack!

Power Bank

A power bank is a must for us on our trips. It is one of the best travel gadgets under $50 to keep our devices charged. This lightweight, compact, and high-capacity mobile power bank weighs less than 1.5 pounds! We can fully charge it in just three hours.

Plus, this fast charging power bank allows us to charge many devices all at once. The Omni 20+ does a great job with this! Now we will never miss out on capturing memories or getting directions due to low battery.


We often spot birds, stars, and wild animals on our trips. A pair of binoculars makes it easier to see these distant objects. There are choices under $50 that fit well in any travel bag.

They give clear views for birdwatching, stargazing, or exploring nature.

Some explorers rate binoculars as one of the top gadgets for travelling. You can grab them quickly when you want a closer look at far-off sights. With good care, they last many years and keep your trips full of great sights!

Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer is a must-have. It helps take smooth videos with your phone. Gimbals like the Insta360 Flow and Digitek 3-axis give professional results. They are light, easy to carry and cheap too! For those who love making videos while on a trip, this will be perfect.

You can get more steady shots without any shake or blur. Choose the one that suits you best, but don’t just pick the first one you see. Do some research and check out reviews before buying.

UV Light Sanitizer Wand

UV Light Sanitizer Wand is a must-have travel gadget that fits in your bag. This germ-killing wand uses UV light to clean your items and kill germs. You might think it’s costly, but this wand costs less than $50! How amazing is that? It’s easy to use too.

Just shine the UV sanitizer on things like door knobs or boarding passes, and you’re good to go. The best part? Many tests show this wand works just as well as Clorox wipes for killing viruses and bacteria.

So next time we pack our bags for another trip, let’s make sure we’ve got our handy UV light sanitizing tool tucked inside!

Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses are a must-have for any trip. These stylish glasses come with built-in speakers. They let us listen to music and stay aware of our surroundings at the same time. Brands like Bose make Bluetooth-enabled pairs that fit right into our travel gear.

Best of all, we can find many audio sunglasses for less than $50! Now, we can enjoy our favourite tunes and protect our eyes from the sun.

Instant Camera

Everyone loves clicking photos on trips. They are a way to hold onto your travel memories. An Instant Camera can help you do just that! It’s fun and easy to use for everyone.

The Polaroid Go Instant Mini is small and light. You can take it anywhere with you. You will get a photo as soon as you click it. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 also gives high-quality, cool photos quickly.

Both of these cameras are under $50. So, they won’t empty your pockets!

They make great travel companions for all global explorers out there! Just click, print, and enjoy the moment right away in your hands!

Adventure Flask Kit

We love the Adventure Flask Kit! This handy tool is a top pick for trips. It’s not just a flask – it has a flashlight too. The best part? You can get this unique travel gear for under $50.

Its small size makes it easy to pack in any bag. For night hikes or early morning strolls, its light comes in very handy indeed. Fun, compact and helpful on all journeys, we think it’s great value for your money!

Portable Speaker

We all love good music. With a portable speaker, we can enjoy our favourite songs anywhere. This small-sized portable speaker is an amazing travel gadget under $50! For just $23, you get a compact wireless speaker that makes your trips more fun.

It’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Don’t worry about the size; it gives out great sound quality! You’ll love this handy wireless speaker during your travels.

Temperature Control Travel Mug

We found a must-have travel item for all hot drink lovers. It’s the Ember temperature control travel mug! This smart gadget keeps your drinks at your chosen heat. The leakproof lid won’t let spills happen, and it stays closed with a slide-lock design.

Even on long trips, your coffee or tea will stay nice and hot. Thanks to its advanced tech, many call this a smart mug. And guess what? You can add this thermal tumbler to your travel gear for less than $50!

GPS Watch

A GPS watch is a must-have for any trip. It’s one of the smartest travel tech gadgets you can buy under $50. This little device leads you wherever you need to go! People often think smartphones get this job done just fine, but GPS watches offer more accuracy and ease.

Even better, these kind of watches are small enough to fit in your pocket. They’re also worth every penny when it comes to cost-effective travel gadgets. For 2023 travellers, it ranks as the top gadget on many lists! So next time we pack our bags, let’s not forget our trusty GPS watch.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a must-have for all travel lovers. They help to dim the noise of plane engines, chatty passengers, and busy streets. Not only do they block out unwanted sounds, but they also provide great sound quality.

Some even come with dual noise sensor tech for top notch sound reduction. This makes your music or podcasts clear and enjoyable. And the best part? You can find good pairs under $50.

It’s no wonder these headphones always show up on lists of top travel gear!

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

We need clean water on all our trips. But carrying many bottles can make your bag heavy. Here’s a smart way to stay hydrated. Try the self-cleaning water bottle! It uses UV light to get rid of germs in the water.

Models like the LARQ bottle keep drinks cold for a full day and hot for half a day. The PureVis™ Bottle is also a top pick because it cleans itself very well. This useful travel gadget gives you safe drinking water wherever you are, anytime! And guess what? You can buy one for less than $50! So, add this savvy tool to your list of must-have gear before your next trip.

Rechargeable LED Lantern

We love the BALMUDA Rechargeable LED Lantern. It’s a travel gadget under $50 we can’t live without. This compact camping lantern is light to carry and gives off bright light. We use it in our tents, on hikes and even inside hotel rooms when there’s a power cut.

The best part? You can charge this versatile portable light over and over again, so you never have to worry about buying new batteries! And don’t stress about rain or spills – this handy lantern won’t mind as it’s water-resistant too!

Choosing the Best Travel Tech Gadgets For Your Trip

We always stress the importance of thinking about your specific needs before deciding on any travel gadgets. Delving into online research and poring over reviews is a fantastic way to ensure you’re making an informed choice.

Considering space and weight limitations are crucial factors as you don’t want to be bogged down by heavy gadgets when on the move. Tailoring tech choices to our personal preferences can make a significant difference in our overall trip enjoyment, so we never underestimate this aspect.

Lastly, we firmly believe in investing in quality products because they tend to give better performance, last longer and ultimately provide more value for money compared to cheaper alternatives.

Consider your needs

Think about what you need on your trip. You don’t want to carry things that won’t be of use. If you plan to work remotely, a portable laptop or tablet is handy. For those fond of reading, packing an eReader can be useful for long flights or train rides.

Your needs dictate the travel tech essentials you should pick up. Make sure these gadgets align with your needs before buying them.

Research and read reviews

To pick the best travel tech gadgets, it’s vital to do your homework. Dig deep online and read lots of reviews about each device you’re considering. This will give you a better idea of its pros and cons, how it works in real-life situations, and whether it suits your needs or not.

Talk to people who’ve used these devices while travelling. Their insights can be very useful too! Always involve yourself in extensive research before buying anything — that way, you’ll get top gear for your trips and avoid wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work well or isn’t right for you! So put time into studying up on expert recommendations and evaluations – this could really help find the perfect travel gadget for your next trip!

Think about space and weight limitations

We need to be smart about space and weight when we travel. All of our gear should not weigh us down. Suitcases that are too heavy can make trips hard. Airlines also have rules on how much a bag can weigh.

Compact devices help save space in our bags. Lightweight technology means less strain for us and it keeps the bag’s weight low. We don’t want to pack too much so that there is no room left in our suitcase or backpack.

Choosing the right travel gadgets helps keep trips easy and fun!

Don’t forget about your personal preferences

Your own wishes are key. It’s vital to pick gadgets you like. Everyone is different, so think about what matters most to you. Maybe a slim design for your camera works best for you.

Or perhaps you prefer a bigger battery life in your tablet.

Our needs also play a big part in our choices. If we love music, good headphones are crucial! Don’t just buy the latest gadget everyone else has – make sure it fits you and your trip plans.

Your unique wants can guide you towards tech tools that will help make any journey more fun and less stressful.

Invest in quality products

We always say, go for top-rated travel tech gadgets. Why? Quality products last longer and work better. They make your trip smooth and easy. We know this because we have tested a lot of them.

For example, the Anker 747 GaNPrime 150W charger is one of the best out there. This gadget does its job well every time. So, don’t cut corners to save money on cheap items that might fail you in the middle of a trip! Invest in good stuff – it will pay off in the long run.

What tech gadgets should I take for my trip?

The key tech gadgets for a trip can include a portable phone charger, camera, noise-cancelling headphones and an e-reader.

Why are travel gadgets important when travelling?

Travel gadgets make travelling easier by providing entertainment, solving language barriers, helping you stay connected and keeping your devices charged.

Do I need to carry laptop on every trip?

No, carrying a laptop depends on the nature of your trip; if it’s business-related or requires heavy typing work then yes but otherwise smartphone or tablet is enough.

Can travel gadgets help in tracking my luggage?

Yes, some travel gadgets like Bluetooth trackers can be attached to your luggage to track its location through an app.

Are there any apps that are useful when travelling abroad?

Yes! Travel apps like Google Maps for navigation and translation apps can be very helpful when you’re in a foreign country.

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