Eco-Friendly Travel in Bali: Green Resorts and Activities

By Kate

Are you passionate about travelling but concerned about the environmental impact? We’ve been there too. In fact, studies indicate a surge in ‘green’ tourism with 87% of global travellers wanting to travel sustainably.

This blog will guide you through some eco-friendly resorts and activities in Bali that not only minimise your carbon footprint but maximise your Balinese experience as well. Let’s embark on this green journey!

Top Eco-Friendly Hotels in Bali

Top Eco-Friendly Hotels in Bali

– Bambu Indah, a stunning eco-lodge nestled in the lush Balinese jungle, offers guests a unique and sustainable retreat experience.

– Potato Head Studios combines effortless style with eco-consciousness, showcasing innovative designs that minimize their environmental impact.

– Camaya Bali provides oceanfront villas made entirely from bamboo, offering an idyllic setting for environmentally conscious travellers.

– Suarga Padang Padang boasts breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean while embracing sustainability through solar power and community initiatives.

– Sarinbuana Eco Lodge immerses guests in nature with its beautiful gardens and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Bambu Indah

Bambu Indah is a gem in Bali. It lies close to Ubud, nestled among lush green fields and forests. This resort uses bamboo for all its buildings, showing true love for nature. You can stay in jungle huts with roofs made from leaves! They even have open-air bathrooms so you feel part of the wild world around you.

Bambu Indah also grows its own food, keeping meals fresh and tasty. We loved sitting on wooden decks and looking at the trees and streams close by.

Potato Head Studios

Potato Head Studios is a fantastic eco-friendly hotel in Bali that offers a unique and sustainable experience for travellers. Located on the beautiful Seminyak beach, this oceanfront villa combines luxury and environmental consciousness.

With its stunning architecture made from reclaimed wood, recycled materials, and plants, Potato Head Studios is committed to preserving the natural resources of Bali.

At Potato Head Studios, you can enjoy a range of eco-friendly activities during your stay. From yoga classes overlooking the ocean to exploring the surrounding jungle on nature walks, there are plenty of options for sustainable tourism.

The hotel also supports local communities by sourcing organic and locally-sourced food for their restaurants.

With its commitment to renewable energy and conservation efforts, Potato Head Studios is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious travel in Bali. By staying at this green resort, you can reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a truly unique cultural experience.

Camaya Bali

Camaya Bali is an eco-friendly resort located in the lush jungles of Bali. It offers a unique experience with its luxurious bamboo villas and stunning views of the Ayung River. This green resort focuses on sustainability, using renewable energy sources and promoting responsible tourism practices.

The villas are designed to blend harmoniously with nature, providing guests with a tranquil and immersive experience. At Camaya Bali, you can enjoy organic meals made from locally sourced ingredients and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments.

Immerse yourself in nature while leaving a minimal impact on the environment at this beautiful eco-resort in Bali.

Suarga Padang Padang

Suarga Padang Padang is an eco-friendly resort located in Bali that offers a unique and sustainable travel experience. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, it provides breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere.

The resort combines modern luxury with environmental consciousness, using renewable energy and employing sustainable practices throughout its operations. From its organic farm that supplies fresh produce to its commitment to waste reduction and water conservation, Suarga Padang Padang strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

Guests can enjoy eco-friendly activities like surfing lessons, yoga classes, and nature walks while immersing themselves in the beauty of Bali’s natural surroundings.

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

At Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, you can experience a truly eco-friendly stay in the heart of Bali’s tropical rainforest. Our lodge is nestled among lush greenery and offers comfortable accommodations that are built using sustainable materials.

We prioritize environmental conservation by utilizing renewable energy sources like solar power and practising responsible waste management. You can also enjoy organic meals made from locally sourced ingredients at our on-site restaurant.

Immerse yourself in nature with activities like guided hikes through the jungle, bird watching, and learning about local flora and fauna from knowledgeable guides. The lodge is committed to supporting the surrounding communities by providing employment opportunities for locals and supporting local initiatives.

Activities for Sustainable Tourism in Bali

Activities for Sustainable Tourism in Bali

In Bali, there are various activities available for sustainable tourism, including Bali Green Camp, sustainable yoga retreats, eco-friendly water sports, eco-tours and nature walks.

Bali Green Camp

At Bali Green Camp, we offer a range of eco-friendly activities for sustainable tourism in Bali. Our camp is committed to promoting environmental awareness and educating visitors about the importance of living in harmony with nature.

From outdoor adventures like zip-lining and rock climbing to workshops on permaculture and organic farming, our goal is to provide fun and educational experiences that inspire a love for the environment.

We believe that by connecting people with nature, we can foster a sense of responsibility towards protecting our planet for future generations. Come join us at Bali Green Camp and be part of the movement towards a greener and more sustainable world!

Sustainable yoga retreats

Why not combine your love for yoga and sustainability by joining a sustainable yoga retreat in Bali? These eco-friendly retreats offer the perfect escape to reconnect with nature and find inner peace while minimizing your impact on the environment.

Immerse yourself in lush green surroundings, practice yoga in open-air studios, and indulge in organic meals sourced locally. Many of these retreats also incorporate sustainable practices such as renewable energy, waste management systems, and support for local communities.

So whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting out, these sustainable yoga retreats provide an opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and soul while being conscious of our planet’s well-being.

Eco-friendly water sports

We love exploring the ocean and having fun in the water, and there are eco-friendly ways to do that too! In Bali, you can enjoy activities like snorkelling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding while being mindful of the environment.

Look for tour operators who prioritize sustainability by using electric or solar-powered boats and promoting marine conservation. They may also provide eco-friendly equipment made from sustainable materials.

By choosing these eco-conscious options, we can enjoy our water sports adventures while protecting the beautiful marine life and ecosystems in Bali.

Eco-tours and nature walks

Exploring Bali’s stunning nature through eco-tours and nature walks is a fantastic way to connect with the island’s natural beauty while minimizing your impact on the environment. Discovering hidden waterfalls, lush rice terraces, and vibrant wildlife will leave you in awe of Bali’s incredible biodiversity.

Guided by local experts, these tours provide valuable insights into the island’s ecosystems and conservation efforts.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes as you trek through dense jungles, hike volcanic mountains or stroll along pristine beaches. You can witness unique flora and fauna up close while learning about their importance in maintaining Bali’s delicate ecosystem.

From gentle walks to more challenging hikes, there are options for every fitness level.

By participating in eco-tours and nature walks, not only do we get to appreciate Bali’s natural wonders but also contribute towards their preservation. Our footsteps help support local communities that depend on sustainable tourism initiatives while encouraging responsible practices within the travel industry.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Travel in Bali

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Travel in Bali

Eco-friendly travel in Bali offers numerous benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint and supporting local communities to preserving natural resources and enhancing cultural experiences.

Discover how you can make a positive impact while exploring this tropical paradise. Read more to learn about the advantages of sustainable tourism in Bali.

Reduced carbon footprint

When we choose eco-friendly travel in Bali, we can help reduce our carbon footprint. By opting for sustainable transportation methods like biking or walking, we minimize the use of fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, staying at green resorts that prioritize renewable energy sources and implement energy-saving measures further contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. Choosing accommodations that promote recycling, provide organic and locally sourced food options, and support conservation efforts also helps to minimize our impact on the environment.

Together, we can make a positive difference by taking small steps towards reducing our carbon footprint while exploring beautiful Bali.

Support for local communities

When we choose eco-friendly travel options in Bali, we are not only minimizing our impact on the environment but also supporting local communities. Many of the green resorts and accommodations in Bali are owned and operated by locals, which means that our stay directly contributes to their livelihoods.

By staying at these establishments, we help create jobs and income for the people who call Bali home. Additionally, these eco-friendly accommodations often prioritize sourcing goods and services from nearby businesses, further boosting the local economy.

So when we travel sustainably in Bali, we not only have a positive environmental impact but also support the communities that make this beautiful island thrive.

Preservation of natural resources

Preserving natural resources is crucial for sustainable travel in Bali. When we visit eco-friendly resorts and engage in activities that minimize harm to the environment, we help protect the natural beauty of this island paradise.

By choosing accommodations that use renewable energy, practising water conservation, and prioritising waste management, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner future.

Exploring nature through eco-tours and nature walks allows us to connect with Bali’s rich biodiversity while supporting efforts to conserve these precious habitats. Let’s be mindful of our impact on the environment and choose activities that promote the preservation of Bali’s natural resources for generations to come.

Enhanced cultural experiences

When exploring Bali with a focus on eco-friendly travel, you can also enjoy enhanced cultural experiences. Immerse yourself in the local culture by staying at eco-resorts that prioritize authentic Balinese traditions and offer opportunities to learn about local customs.

Take part in cultural activities such as traditional cooking classes, batik workshops, or dance performances. Visit local villages and interact with the friendly Balinese people to gain insights into their way of life.

By choosing sustainable tourism practices, you not only contribute to environmental conservation but also have the chance to deepen your understanding and appreciation for Bali’s rich cultural heritage.


In conclusion, eco-friendly travel in Bali offers a range of green resorts and activities that allow travellers to enjoy their vacation while reducing their environmental impact. By staying at eco-resorts and engaging in sustainable tourism activities, visitors can support local communities and preserve Bali’s natural resources.

So, let’s pack our bags and embark on an environmentally-conscious adventure in beautiful Bali!

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